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Plans on Silver Country

Updated: May 9

It was a peaceful night in West Tower. Henry laid in bed enjoying the calm the night had brought. He began pondering about his plans for tomorrow. He imagined brandishing his sword as he and his friends dueled each other and… BANG! Henry shot up out of his bed and frantically looked around to see what had caused that noise. He could hear the guards outside his chambers yelling. Henry’s heart began pounding as he reached for his sword. Suddenly, his door flew open!

“Prince Henry, you must come quickly. Your father has summoned an emergency meeting in the Great Hall,” the guard announced urgently. Before Henry had time to open his mouth, the guard slammed the door shut and hurried off. Stunned, Henry scrambled for his clothes and hurried off to the Great Hall. 

“We are under attack by the Scarlet Empire,” the King announced. Uproars and argument filled the room before the king calmed the commotion with one, firm word, “SILENCE!”

“Your Highness, we must send word for help immediately!” a duke insisted.

“We’ve already tried,” the king sighed, "the Scarlet Empire has surrounded us. We can’t get any word out.” Again the room erupted in loud arguing. The meeting dragged on for another three hours. Henry had not been permitted to speak. So he stood, walked about the room unnoticed, returning to his imagination where he and his friends could sword fight worry free. His thoughts were interrupted when the Great Hall fell silent, and Henry felt all eyes on him. Henry tried to act completely calm.

“Prince Henry, what do you think about the Duke of Greene’s proposal?” asked King Daris as he walked toward Henry. Henry’s knees began to shake, but he gathered his courage.

“Well your Highness, I think it should be done as long as you approve. I believe your Royal Highness has the best judgment in our court,” Henry stated, hoping he didn’t sound too foolish as he gathered his wits and built his reply. The King paused for a moment then said, “I know you’re ready, but I wanted to make sure. This isn’t an easy task,” he whispered quietly so only his son could hear. Henry, who was not willing to admit he hadn't been paying attention, responded,

“Sire, you can count on me. I am top of my class in studies and sword fighting. If you think I’m ready, then send me. My life and sword are yours to wield.” The king nodded and turned around.

“Prince Henry and Prince Aaron have agreed to carry this heavy burden,” King Daris announced. “Together they will leave tonight and pass through the borders of the Scarlet Empire before the sun rises. I will personally see to the details, before the Princes’ departure.” 

They concluded the meeting. Henry felt a knot in his stomach.

"What did I get myself into? "

“Prince Henry,” called Aaron, “Father wants us to meet him in the armory room immediately.” Henry nodded and followed his brother. Once there, the king greeted them and continued to debrief them in detail concerning the quest.

“Once you see four white towers, you’ve arrived at the Pearl Kingdom. I have sent introductions and brief instructions to their king. He will be expecting you and knows what you will need. Present yourself, state your mission and humbly ask for his help to save us.”

“Yes, father, I understand what we must do,” Aaron said with determination in his voice. Henry rolled his eyes at his brother’s statement, knowing Aeron was caught by surprise and likely had no idea how they would arrive safely, let alone convince Pearl Kingdom to take-up arms in their defense.  

Knowing this might be the last time he would see his sons, King Daris approached his sons, placed his hands on their shoulders and proudly met their gaze.

“Henry. Aaron. It's my wish and prayer that you come home together in good health. We are grateful for your service and have every confidence in your success.”

With that last farewell, the king sent them off into the night.

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