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What We're About

We've all been there. The game spoke to you, its box art grabbed your eye and ignited your imagination. Its mechanics were topnotch offering hours of absorbing and mind sharpening gameplay.  You told your friends, they all came over excited and ready to play.  Yet when you opened the box there was just basic uninspiring piece sets made of cheap plastic tokens, or even cardboard. Worse still, there's weren't enough pieces to go around! Everyone understood and pressed on to play regardless.  After all it's the game that counts right? But there's still that feeling.  That niggling doubt that won't go away.  Somehow the game isn't as cool as it should be. 


You're not alone, there's a void, a great famine of game parts that has been encroaching for many decades now. Many have done their best to stave it off, forging bastions of plenty in the desolate wastes. Yet these oases seem only to survive by the strength of their brand name, while the little unknown titles waste away into obscurity. And even within those bastions, still too many are left wanting, wondering if their sets will ever be as cool as the box art. 


We know. We've been substituting Warhammer pieces, cannibalizing game figurines, plundering unrelated set-boxes for anything remotely close. And got fed up with the tedious search and Frankenstein aesthetics. Why couldn't we just make the pieces we needed for the games we wanted to play? And not only that, make them just as cool as we wanted? So, we did. We struck out into the wilderness to rescue the games we love, and we want to do the same for you too. 


Convergence Game Parts uses various computer manufacturing methods to create the parts your game needs



1 - Visit store page

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3 - We'll ship it right to your door! 


Store doesn’t have your pieces?

No Problem!  

1 - Simply request custom order

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3 - We'll make your very own unique piece! 

Don't wait! Upgrade your gaming experience today! 


Your game is crying out to be played! Don't let missing pieces, meager starting sets or cheap production put a damper on any more of your game nights! Augment your experience and make your game what it was always meant to be, today!